About Us

Alalik Legacy

What is Alalik?
Alalik is the newest and the best choice when it comes to buying and selling your items online. Our website’s uniqueness starts from its actual name, referring to the daughter of our founder whose childhood nickname was Alalik. Being established in 2017, the website uses all the advanced tools and options to perform perfectly to the utmost satisfaction of its users. The user friendly website provides every necessary aspect to provide optimum convenience for all its users.

What is Alalik’s aim?
As newcomers in providing online e-commerce trading, it is our aim to empower people and businesses and create economic opportunities for all. We are strongly motivated to instill trust and reliability from our participants, including business owners or individuals.

What can Alalik do for you?
The website is simply about “buy and sell.” It is designed for customers who want to buy items from various categories and for vendors who want to sell their products with just a few clicks. Moreover, we offer an affiliate program to
individuals who are willing to promote our website and to be compensated

What are your options with Alalik?
We are your newest anchor store. We are a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to set up a trading account, organize your products, customize your


profile, accept payments, track orders and respond to them as well. With Alalik, you can do all of these in just a few clicks! Indeed, with Alalik, you will have a lot of opportunities to earn or grow your business! Be a part
of Alalik now!